Can Tho - Vietnam

Can Tho – Vietnam

Can Tho,  the heart of the Mekong Delta, is a bustling market community of  200,000. The central Mekong Delta is the richest, most prolific  agricultural region of Vietnam. It covers some 67,000 square km and  is one of the nation’s most densely populated areas.

The Mekong  Delta is comprised of small villages that dot dozens of ribbon-thin  arroyos meandering under a thick canopy of papaya, mango and  jackfruit trees. Some are reachable only by longtail boat, and then  only at high tide. Tiny bicycle paths cut off innocuously from  Highway 1 barely noticed by the tourists who whisk by in minibuses.  Deep down these trails are wonders which will delight even the most  “‘Nam-ed out” tourist. The adventurer can simply choose one of these  rutted paths and follow it, sometimes many kilometers, to the end.

Be prepared to stumble upon Buddhist funerals, tiny cafes, pool  halls and sows the size of water buffalo that might only be coaxed  out of your path by a less-than-gentle kick to the rump. If you’re  backpacking Vietnam, you’ll be invited into villagers’ homes for  freshly-slaughtered sow and chickens, and vats of that volatile  concoction called Ruou Gao, or homemade rice whiskey, which is  distilled from rats, snakes and apparently virtually everything but  rice.

Floating  markets are the Delta’s prime attractions. Unlike those found in  Bangkok, these markets aren’t for the benefit of camcorder-toting  tourists. Early each morning the Bassac River and its tributaries  swell with vendors in sampans, houseboats and longtails jammed with  fresh Delta produce: jackfruit, mangosteen, durian, papaya, mango,  bananas, pineapple, guava, fresh vegetables and smuggled sundries  from cigarettes to shampoo. The best market to visit is about 30 km  south of Can Tho in Phung Hiep. There, hundreds of watercraft weave  in and out of this congealing maze of boats, their owners shouting  to advertise their wares. A little closer, but no less exotic, is  the Phong Diem floating market. Closest is the smaller Cai Rang  floating market, just across the Cai Rang bridge about 6.5 km south of Can Tho.

Another  worthwhile trip, best made at dusk, is to the Bang Lang Stork  Sanctuary just outside the village of Thot Not. A hour’s drive from  Can Tho, then another 15 minutes by longtail boat, the sanctuary is  home to literally thousands of storks that return each evening to  roost. Even those who aren’t crazy about birds will appreciate the  intimate glimpse of Delta life along the waterway to and from the  sanctuary. Back in town, check out the 1852 Binh Thuy Temple and its  100-year-old stuffed tiger. Other attractions include the Ho Chi  Minh Museum, the Central Market and the Cantonese Congregation

Can Tho is rapidly taking on the trappings of Saigon.Each  month, the city seems to creep farther and farther into the  neon-green landscape of the Delta. Its mishmash of cultures –  Vietnamese, Khmer and Chinese – gives the city an almost  cosmopolitan feel. A brand-new, 4-star resort property is testament  to Can Tho’s surge in popularity, both as a business and tourist  center. The best time to visit is during the dry season from  November through April, as the delta is virtually underwater the  rest of the year.


Hong Kong Island

China is a big and beautiful country and you will definitely want to come visit here at least a few times during your lifetime. One of the most popular places in China is Hong Kong. Whether you are going to Hong Kong for business or just trave.ling fun, there are so many things to do and places to stay.

A truly underrated aspect of Hong Kong has to be Hong Kong Island. This is truly considered as one of the best area to stay in Hong Kong no matter who you may be. Hong Kong Island is an island  that makes up the southern part of Hong Kong and has a population itself of over 1 million. Enjoy the popular attractions like “The Peak”, which is an oceanic park, and go hiking along the island’s mountain ranges.

Hong Kong Island beholds so much natural beauty and has a ton of shopping areas for people just like you visiting. You will find the view on the island to be amazing and simply breath taking. There are many options when it comes to choosing a hotel or residency during your visit to Hong Kong. And don’t forget about the many restaurants featuring the tasty Chinese cuisine.

As always, make sure to plan everything ahead of time and make sure you are fully packed and prepared for your trip to Hong Kong. Make sure to leave room to bring home souvenirs as this is a common mistake travelers will make! Your visit to Hong Kong is surely going to be a memorable one. Enjoy your stay on Hong Kong Island and it is guaranteed you are going to have a great time!


Matheran Hotels

Adamo The Resort

Matheran Hotels - Adamo The Resort

Matheran Hotels – Adamo The Resort

Another good option for a weekend getaway in the heart of Matheran

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Very centrally located in the marketplace, 10 minutes’ walking distance from the railway station.


Only vegetarian food served, but it’s very good, especially considering the limited options for eating out in Matheran.

Other features

  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Magic show for kids

Customer reviews and scores

Quite favourable reviews on TripAdvisor with 218 reviews giving this place an average 4 stars. Like most other properties in Matheran, the dinner is by the poolside every day, and quite a highlight of the stay here.


Apparently one of the best places to eat among Matheran hotels, which is important as good places to eat are in short supply to begin with. Can’t beat the location either! If convenience is what you’re looking for, we’d definitely recommend this one.

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Lords Central Hotel

Matheran Hotels - Lords Central Hotel

Matheran Hotels – Lords Central Hotel

This is an old-world property so do not come with a lot of expectations of modern amenities! Of course you have hot water, but for a limited number of hours every morning!

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Beautiful views

The 23 rooms are in little cottages clustered together. No TV in rooms, but the views are breathtaking. If you are willing to pay a tiny bit extra, you can get the valley-facing rooms and while away the hours with fantastic views from your verandah.

Close to market area

This is a very good option for having the best of both worlds, especially if travelling with kids and older people, who might not like to walk so much or climb a horse easily.

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Other features

  • Room service
  • Restaurant
  • Pool
  • Bar
  • Laundry
  • Magic show for kids
  • Sports facilities like badminton, carom etc.

Customer reviews and scores

134 reviewers on TripAdvisor rated this property an average 4 stars. They are apparently not accommodative of altering their fixed menu every day, maybe because of lack of facility to do so.


If a stay in quaint little cottages is your idea of a holiday in the mountains, then definitely recommended! Cannot be denied that the location of this property is very good.

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Westend Hotel

Matheran Hotels - Westend Hotel

Matheran Hotels – Westend Hotel

A clean and safe place, with a wonderful property, and right opposite the local police station.

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Property biggest USP

The property is quite large with very nicely maintained gardens and pool, making it ideal for cozy walks without venturing too far.

Secluded property

Out of all the hotels under review here, this one is a little farther out of town, about 15-20 minutes’ walk from the main market. But the Lake is quite close by, so good for you if you want to get away from all the noise.

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Other features

  • Magic show for kids
  • Sports facilities like badminton, carom, etc.
  • Room service
  • Free breakfast
  • Dry cleaning
  • Banquet hall
  • Swimming pool

Customer reviews and scores

314 reviews on TripAdvisor have given this place an average rating of 4 stars. The rooms are clean but tiny with very basic furniture. However, with so much to do outside, who’s going to stay inside the whole day anyway, right? The kitchen is reportedly very accommodating of individual requests regarding food.


As good as any other among Matheran hotels, this property gives you something extra to savour with its gardens and secluded location.

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Gujarat Bhavan Hotel

Matheran Hotels - Gujarat Bhavan Hotel

Matheran Hotels – Gujarat Bhavan Hotel

Another good hotel with modern amenities and a very popular weekend getaway. Its 30 rooms have full occupancy on most weekends throughout the year!

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Close to railway station

Matheran does not permit self-plied vehicles within 3 km of the town, so the only way to reach it is by foot, train or horse. The best option for this place is by train as the railway station is only 5-8 minutes of walking away.

Completely vegetarian

Like the name suggests, they serve completely vegetarian food, and are conducive to taking orders for Jain food as well. Not good news for you if you’re a meat-eater, but take consolation in the fact that the food is reported to be tasty!

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Other features

  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Poolside dinner
  • Magic show for kids
  • Free breakfast
  • Laundry

Customer reviews and scores

125 reviews on TripAdvisor with an average rating of 4 stars. The DJ plays loud music by the poolside in the evening, which might be of concern, but this happens in almost all Matheran hotels, so really, nothing much can be done about that.


One of the cleanest and most modern properties is Matheran, and there aren’t very many of those!

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Neemrana’s Verandah in Forest

Matheran Hotels - Neemranas Verandah in Forest

Matheran Hotels – Neemranas Verandah in Forest

The highest rated property in Matheran, this is also the prettiest and the one with the most personality.

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British heritage property

Built during the colonial times, the architecture dates back to the 19th century when the British developed Matheran as a hill station close to Mumbai. True to its name, the property has an imposing verandah about 100 feet long! Guests recommend getting one of the verandah rooms on the first floor.

A relaxing experience

The property has hammocks tied to trees, and a tree house to climb up and savour the view from. It’s the perfect place to relax. And the famous Lake Charlotte is only 2 minutes away on foot!

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Other features

  • Free breakfast
  • Activities for children (magic show)

Customer reviews

Glowing customer reviews for this property on TripAdvisor, with 351 reviewers giving it an average score of 4.5 stars. The rooms don’t have personal telephones, so you have to go to the reception physically with your concerns.


The number one choice of stay for almost anyone coming to Matheran, and this should hold for you as well!

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Cheap Hotels in Liverpool

 Ibis Styles Liverpool Centre Dale

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool -  Ibis Styles Liverpool Centre Dale

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool –  Ibis Styles Liverpool Centre Dale


Another chain hotel, but this one thankfully comes with a bit of personality and chutzpah.

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Themed rooms

In keeping with the Beatles’ historic attachment with Liverpool, all the rooms are painted in a Beatles theme and you get to choose which one you want! May we recommend the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, which is very popular with the regulars.

Centrally located

This goes without saying of course, for an Ibis hotel. All their chains are located in the heart of or very close to the city centre and this is no exception. Lime Street Station is the closest train station to this one.

Other features

  • ·         Complimentary breakfast
  • ·         Free wifi
  • ·         Flat screen TV in every room

Customer reviews and scores

841 reviews on TripAdvisor and an average score of 4.5 stars. Notwithstanding the interesting themed rooms, this is otherwise a no-frills accommodation. Don’t expect any room service or gowns and slippers in your room, for example.


Do we even need to say it? Stay here for the themed rooms if for nothing else. One of the most characterful of all cheap hotels in Liverpool.

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Premier Inn Liverpool City

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool - Premier Inn Liverpool City

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool – Premier Inn Liverpool City

When talking about good standard budget accommodations, is it possible to leave the big chain hotels out of any review? And that is why this Premier Inn finds a mention in this list.

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Location and service great

It is situated in the heart of the Liverpool City Centre, nearest to Liverpool Lime Street Station. The staff is also very courteous. Overall, it’s a very sensible, cost-efficient choice for budget travelers.

Other features

  • ·         Restaurant
  • ·         Free wifi

Customer reviews and scores

It’s definitely a popular option with a lot of people. A1390 reviews on TripAdvisor have rated this place an average 4.5 stars. Everybody seems to agree though that the food in the restaurant is nothing to write home about. You’d be better off eating outside. An insider’s tip is that prices can plummet to next to nothing on the weekdays compared to the weekends, so book your rooms accordingly!


This is a great place if you want to just dump your bags somewhere and be able to walk out into the heart of the city and all the sights within minutes.

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Days Inn City Centre

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool - Days Inn City Centre

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool – Days Inn City Centre

Speaking of thoughtful gestures, this establishment seems to abound in those! Little touches the management has made this hotel stand out among the many cheap hotels in Liverpool.

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Tons of amenities

All rooms are equipped with hair dryers, iron boards, tea and coffee materials, and flat screen TV. Complimentary breakfast is also included in your stay. These things you might expect as a matter of right at a standard hotel, but for a budget accommodation, it’s going above and beyond.

Great Location

This hotel is ideally located 2 minutes from the Liverpool One shopping area. It has a bus stop and a train station literally next door, and also the Dockland area and the Beatles museum.

Other features

  • ·         Free internet
  • ·         Bar
  • ·         Laundry service
  • ·         Dry cleaning service

Customer reviews and scores

1791 reviews on TripAdvisor, and an average score of 4.5 stars. Be warned that the bar remains open till the wee hours of the morning, and late revelers in your corridor can disturb you. But all this depends on your luck of course. On the plus side, the staff is very helpful and gracious. If you happen to be one of the late revelers yourself, they are known to allow a late check-out also!


A no-brainer, this must definitely be one of your top choices when browsing cheap hotels in Liverpool.

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Z Hotel Liverpool

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool - Z-Hotels

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool – Z-Hotels

This is another wonderful bargain of a hotel, made even more special with the nice, thoughtful gestures and amenities that come included with your stay!

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Complimentary wine and cheese

Now that’s pretty classy for a budget accommodation, isn’t it? Especially as the wine is a Malbec, a pretty decent quality wine from Argentina. This comes as pleasant surprise to most travel-weary guests at the end of a long day, and is a brilliant gesture by the hotel to make them stand apart in memory.

Very good location

Located minutes away from the city centre at Liverpool One, this hotel is really a no-brainer if location is important to you.

Other features

  • ·         Free internet
  • ·         Bar
  • ·         Babysitting services

Customer review and scores

862 reviews on TripAdvisor, and an average score of 4.5 stars. Be prepared to encounter small rooms, so small that there is apparently no storage provided for clothes apart from a coat hanger. But this is of not much concern if you’re in Liverpool for a weekend or so.

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As with most budget hotels, you get what you pay for. With this one, be assured the positives do outweigh the negatives, making it a good budget option.

Signature Living Hotel

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool - Signature Living Hotel

Cheap Hotels in Liverpool – Signature Living Hotel

If looking for a cheap hotel in Liverpool that is centrally located, this one seems to be one of the more popular options.

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Gracious staff

If for nothing else, the helpful staff makes even this no-frills stay feel like a special experience. Guests recount stories of how the staff went out of their way to help and make their stay more comfortable. For a tourist disoriented in a new city, such small gestures can make a big difference in making their time memorable.

Other features




Free wifi

A total of 998 reviews on TripAdvisor have awarded this place an impressive 5 out of 5 stars average. A small irksome detail is that they require a security deposit on some of the rooms, but then again, a lot of hotels do that. It’s a small price to pay for the excellent service you get in the bargain.

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Not without reason is it such a popular option with tourists and regulars alike. If looking for a cheap yet reliable option, this hotel is definitely recommended.

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Cheap Hotels in Manchester

Check out these 5 cheap hotels in Manchester.

Ibis Manchester Centre Princess Street

Ibis Manchester Centre Princess Street

Ibis Manchester Centre Princess Street

Another success story of the Ibis group, this is a great option if you want to compare prices to check for the cheapest choice. Rest assured you will find the standards comparable across all Ibis hotels.

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Location, location, location

Again located conveniently five minutes from the city centre, you can close your eyes and go with this hotel if the prices are cheaper during your stay. This would probably be a better choice for those who want to leave the city centre behind after a day’s worth of shopping, rather than retire in the heart of it.

Other features

  • ·         Free internet
  • ·         Paid laundry

Customer reviews and scores

A total of 991 reviews on TripAdvisor awarded this establishment an average 4.5 stars. An insider’s tip is that this property is located opposite to a nightclub that plays loud music well into the night. Be sure to ask for a room in the back if you value some quiet.

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The advantage of a chain hotel is you know beforehand the standard of service to expect. Ibis Manchester Centre Princess Street keeps the standard reasonably high and is a great bargain

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Premier Inn Manchester City Centre (Piccadilly)

Cheap hotels in Manchester - Premier Inn Manchester City Centre (Piccadilly)

Cheap hotels in Manchester – Premier Inn Manchester City Centre (Piccadilly)

This is also a chain hotel, though thankfully not another Ibis. It has great reviews and is quite popular with the tourists.

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Comfy beds and linen

Many guests are surprised at the quality and size of the linen, towels and beds at this hotel, given the bargain prices. That’s great news if after a frantic day of sightseeing you want to come back to a hot bath and a good night’s sleep.

Good location

Another hotel in Piccadilly, it is close to the Piccadilly railway station and more or less a good location in town.

Other features

  • ·         Restaurant
  • ·         Free internet

Customer review and scores

As a demonstration of its popularity, there are a whopping 1643 reviews for this place on TripAdvisor. It has also garnered an impressive score of 4.5 stars on average. One minor downside is there’s no laundry service, not even a paid one, but for most guests the large, comfy beds win out the deal in this hotel’s favour.


Would definitely recommend this one for the bargain prices and the comfiest beds at par with any good hotel!

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Hotel Ibis Budget Manchester Centre Pollard Street

Cheap hotels in Manchester - Hotel Ibis Budget Manchester Centre Pollard Street

Cheap hotels in Manchester – Hotel Ibis Budget Manchester Centre Pollard Street

Another one of the quite cheap hotels in Manchester owned by the Ibis group.

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Location factor

While not as fabulously located as the other two Ibis hotels in this review, this one is situated near the Piccadilly Station which is not so bad either.

Other features

  • Free Internet
  • 24*7 bar/lounge
  • Paid laundry service

Customer reviews and scores

961 reviews on TripAdvisor gave this accommodation 4 stars overall. The factors of concern seem to be the size of the rooms, the absence of tea or coffee materials in the rooms, and the absence of any complimentary toiletries. Basically, a very basic and no-frills accommodation.


If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Manchester, you are surely not planning on spending the day there anyway. If a clean, comfortable, standard place is what you want, then be assured that’s what you’ll get.

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Ibis Manchester Centre Portland Street

Cheap hotels in Manchester - Ibis Manchester Centre Portland Street

Cheap hotels in Manchester – Ibis Manchester Centre Portland Street

This, and the next three cheap hotels in Manchester under review here, are expectedly chain hotels. If you’re looking for a standard yet cheap accommodation, chain hotels are often the answer.

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Good quality accommodation

This branch of the Ibis hotel chain in Manchester appears to be one of their more popular establishments. The reason for that are the clean, hygienic, and comfortable rooms. Be warned that it is a strictly no-frills hotel, and you get what you pay for. But happily, what you get is worth every penny you spend.

One of the better cheap hotels in Manchester

Like all hotels reviewed here, this one is very centrally located too. We understand that if cheap hotels in Manchester is what you’re looking for, then it probably goes without saying that expensive cab fares to the city centre is a big no! So no worries, this hotel is within easy distance of the train station and the airport!

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Other features

· Wheelchair access
· Free Internet
· Paid wifi
· 24*7 bar/lounge
Customer reviews and scores

There are 1156 reviews on TripAdvisor and the average score is 4.5 stars. This seems to be very popular with the regulars coming to Manchester for weekend shopping or with businessmen on official trips.


For a no-hassle, comfortable stay in the heart of Manchester, we would definitely recommend this hotel.

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Travelodge Manchester Didsbury

Cheap Hotels in Manchester - Travelodge Manchester Didsbury

Cheap Hotels in Manchester – Travelodge Manchester Didsbury

A real no-frills yet value-for-money kind of accommodation. It’s a quality establishment among the many cheap hotels in Manchester.

Centrally Located

The property is walking distance from the tram, train and bus station, so you save a fair amount on taxi fare too! That’s a very important consideration if you’re travelling on a tight budget. Moreover, it is located right in the middle of the city centre, with very nice restaurants and shops located on either side of the street. A stroll out in the evening would be a joy.

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Many free amenities

For a budget accommodation, it’s quite classy of the management to provide free high speed internet to all their guests in all rooms. Plus, if you’re driving into Manchester for a day or two, they have free parking too!

There were 48 reviews on TripAdvisor for this hotel, and an average score of 4 stars out of a maximum score of 5. Not being a chain hotel however, many guests found the hosts and the management to be extremely charming and helpful, eager to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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If your purpose is to find a clean, comfortable place to crash after a night on the town, then this is the place for you.


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Cheap Hotels London

Ibis Budget London Whitechapel Hotel

Cheap Hotels London - Ibis Budget London Whitechapel

Cheap Hotels London – Ibis Budget London Whitechapel

If you are looking for cheap hotels London, the Ibis Budget London Whitechapel Hotel is about as well priced as they come.  Its rooms are small, but they are very clean, and you even have a shower in your room, which is not true of all the cheap hotels London has to offer.

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Besides the shower inside the room, staying at the Ibis Budget London Whitechapel Hotel is a no frills experience, as it offers few other amenities.

It is not located in a touristic part of London, but there are lots of restaurants located nearby, and these are the restaurants that are frequented by locals, so you know that they offer good food for a reasonable price.

To get to the major tourist sites, you must take the bus or tube, but these run 24 hours a day.

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Gower House Hotel

Cheap Hotels London - Gower House Hotel

Cheap Hotels London – Gower House Hotel

While Big Ben’s hometown is not particularly known for cheap hotels, London’s Gower House hotel is reasonably priced.

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It offers comfortable, no frills accommodations and is conveniently located within easy walking distance of two Northern Line tube stations, Euston and Goodge Street.

You do not even need to take the tube to get from the Gower House Hotel to get to popular attractions like the British museum, Covent Garden, Hyde Park, and Oxford Street.

Like some other similarly cheap hotels, London’s Gower House Hotel offers a continental breakfast.  It is nothing luxurious, but it is definitely acceptable and convenient.

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Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Saj Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar - Saj Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar – Saj Resort

This is a good option for vegetarian people finicky about their food, as it’s a complete Gujarati property.

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Famous Gujarati thali

This resort first earned its reputation for its famous Gujarati thali that’s famous throughout Mahabaleshwar. Even if you don’t stay here, this thali is a must try.

Good transport network

While a little ways away from the main town of Mahabaleshwar, there’s a bus top right outside the main gate which is very convenient.

Other features

Puppet show for kids

Room service

Free wifi



LCD TV in all rooms


Customer reviews and scores

409 reviews on TripAdvisor, and a very good score of 4.5 stars. The staff are very courteous and helpful, and will do their best to look after your every need.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.


A very reliable option among all hotels in Mahabaleshwar, with a good reputation locally and with regulars. Go there for the Gujarati thali if nothing else.

Citrus Chambers

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar - Citrus Chambers

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar – Citrus Chambers

If looking for a luxury stay but at a more reasonable price, then this is the place for you.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.

Convenient location

Very close to Mahabaleshwar market, it’s a five minute walk to the market and a very enjoyable stroll too.

Rides for kids

All the swings and rides are in good condition and very safe for kids to climb. A very family-friendly property.

Other features


Room service

Free parking




Conference room


Hot tub

Customer reviews and scores

491 reviews on TripAdvisor give a very good score of 4.5 stars. Not prohibitively expensive, and very good value for money.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.


A good bargain for luxury hotels in Mahabaleshwar, don’t think twice about taking it up!

Le Meridien Resort & Spa

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar - Le-Méridien-Mahabaleshwar-Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar – Le-Méridien-Mahabaleshwar-Resort

An evidently luxury accommodation, be ready to feel pampered and spoiled during your stay here.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.

A heated infinity pool

The greatest asset of this hotel is their beautiful infinity pool that is heated every day. Be sure to bring your swimming costumes with you as you are guaranteed to be spending quite a few hours in there!

Good service

They have kept the original forest area intact, making this a very green resort. The food is universally acknowledged to be quite delicious, and the staff go out of their way to be helpful and courteous.

Other features

Heated infinity pool

Room service

Free parking




Free wifi


Laundry and dry cleaning

Conference room

Customer reviews and scores

170 reviews on TripAdvisor, and an average rating of 4.5 stars. Believe us, every one of the stars is well earned! One negative is the bad cellphone reception, but you can use that time away from your phone bonding with your child in the well endowed kids’ recreation centre!

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.


A luxury hotel in the truest sense of the word for a pampered experience.

Evershine Keys Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar - Evershine Keys Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar – Evershine Keys Resort

Another good bet in Mahabaleshwar is this resort located very close to the heart of town.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.

Convenient location

If you would like to enjoy some serenity but also be able to see the lights and sounds of the marketplace, then Evershine is very convenient for that. It is approximately 1 km from the market, and the drive is easy.

Many activities

They have daily live entertainment organized in the evenings for the benefit of the guests. There’s also a games room with facilities to play badminton, carom, ludo etc.

Other features



Room service

Free parking



Free wifi

Wheelchair access


Customer reviews and scores

An impressive 728 reviews on TripAdvisor have given this place an average rating of 4.5 stars. Only gripe is that the swimming pool is not temperature controlled, rendering it sort of pointless in a hill station. An insider’s tip is to book a room with a view of the pool for the best views of the sunrise in the morning. Be warned that the monkeys from the surrounding forests can sometimes be a menace. But that’s true for almost all hotels in Mahabaleshwar.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.


A clean, comfortable resort, with very high rates of satisfaction reported from the guests. Recommended.

Bella Vista Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar - Bella Vista Resort

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar – Bella Vista Resort

This is the top rated hotel to stay in Mahabaleshwar, and not without reason! A family friendly resort, it’s a perfect place for a self-sufficient weekend getaway.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.


Set perched on top of a cliff, this resort guarantees the ambience of a hill station holiday throughout your stay. You can enjoy incredible views of the mountains and the sunset from the front gardens

Nice gestures included in your stay

Dinner every night is promised to be a romantic candle lit fare under a tent and the open night sky. The hotel also organizes day long tours to nearby places of sightseeing. Dinner has live music every night and karaoke sometimes, reported to be wildly entertaining. Overall, an enjoyable experience.

Other features

Free internet


Room service



Free breakfast

Playroom for children

Conference room

Customer reviews and scores

384 reviews on TripAdvisor give the resort an average 4.5 stars. The fact that it’s an alcohol free resort is appreciated by some but not to worry! You can bring your own ammo and enjoy it in your own room. Be warned this resort does not have wheelchair access—an important consideration when travelling with the elderly.

Compare 1000’s of websites in a few seconds to get the best price in Mahabaleshwar.


A very safe option for a beautiful, comfortable stay at Mahabaleshwar. Highly recommended.

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Travel to Orlando on a Budget This Summer

A Money-Saving Travel Guide for Orlando

As an Orlando Resident, I know all the ins and outs of the area. I also know what is worth seeing, and what is not. Before heading to Orlando, there are various factors you’ll need to consider. Here is my summer Travel Guide for Orlando:


One of the first things that travelers to Orlando should do is research the area and attractions. What you will enjoy seeing and doing will be different from person to person or from family to family.

It depends on the age of the travelers, the exact budget you have in mind, but above all you need to consider your interests and what will be the best investment of your time. There are many touristy type attractions, but there are also a lot of places that locals frequent, places that are inexpensive, fun and memorable.


There are various options for accommodations in Orlando and the surrounding area. The first is the most obvious-a hotel. Here you have your room cleaned daily and can generally get the closest to the theme parks and specific attractions. Check out the cost per night. Chain hotels will likely be your best option, and you’ll know what to expect.

It’s best to find hotels near Universal Studios, OrlandoMy best suggestion is to use www.hotels.com. The reason they can offer rock-bottom pricing is that they have a pool of all of the hotels with extra rooms available, their job is to fill them, as some money is better than no money for the hotels, so you’ll get a great rate in a known hotel.

You’ll get a list with the pricing, and ratings from previous travelers as well as testimonials. This is great for a single person, a couple or a smaller family. You’ll often get shuttles straight from the hotel to the attraction(s) of your choice.

Option 2 is best for larger families. It is a rental vacation home, typically its best if you are staying for 1 week or more to get the best value. This is a large home with a screened in pool, several spacious bedrooms, large living spaces, with a full kitchen, often game rooms in most of these homes, as well as the overall feel of home.

You park your car in the driveway and walk right in. This really lets the kids be themselves, go wild, and if you are sharing with another family, the cost savings can be huge! These homes are made for up to 2-family sharing. Doing the math on an average cost rental home with 5-6 bedrooms is about $1500. Divide by 7 days and then by the two families. That equals roughly $107 per night per family. This can be much cheaper than a hotel and you have so much more space, can cook your own meals, which saves you money on restaurants and have your very own pool and backyard.

Most of these homes also offer free WiFi internet access, large flat screen TV’s, DVD player for movies, often times offer games like Playstation etc. These are all separate things that you would be paying for in a hotel. The only thing to consider is that someone will not be cleaning your room daily, only upon your departure.

There are also Vacation Rental condos for couples or individuals that want a home-feel but don’t need all the space. Great websites to check out are: http://www.villadirect.com/and http://www.orlandovacation.com and www.VRBO.com which is the Vacation Rentals by Owner website, this is for Orlando but can be used throughout the world too!


Many people rent cars simply by calling their favorite company and booking that way. That is probably one of the most costly ways of renting a car. I live in Orlando and actually rent cars here all the time. I’ve tried every single rental car company and various sized cars at each one.

I happen to know that thrifty provides the all-around best service and if you ever have a problem, tell them and they will credit your account. Their cars are great models, many mid-size are leather upgrades with all the features. As a matter of fact, it was through renting and comparing their two 2009 Hyundai Sonata models that we were finally convinced to just buy one!

My favorite website though, happens to be the cheapest, but at the time of booking you do not know which company it will be. The company is called www.hotwire.com. They offer very cheap daily and weekly as well as monthly rates. The only catch is you cannot cancel your rental car and get your money back. Once you book it, you cannot get your money back. I have never had to cancel and the service is great!

Always use your own insurance vs. the rental companies’ insurance to save cost, just be sure yours has what theirs offers. There are other options like www.expedia.com which will also give you deals on flights as well. Any of these will allow you to book and then if you like, upgrade later for a small daily rate. I have found that when I book an economy or compact car, they are often out of them, and they usually give me an SUV or mid-size car instead.

If you have a large family with a lot of luggage, that may not be worth the gamble, but you can always upgrade later at the current rate. I would stay away from Enterprise, U-Save and E-Z Rent a car. Their cars are not always in the best shape and they are located a ways from the airport, requiring their complimentary shuttle to get there. Hertz and Thrifty are also off-site.


There are many dining options in Orlando, for budgets of all kind. If you are going to splurge, just remember that lunches are always cheaper than dinner. If you can get away with it, go to a buffet late morning, like Golden Corral, or a Denny’s. The pricing is very reasonable with a variety of options for adults and kids alike and if you fill up there during the late morning, it can often carry you throughout the majority of the day, provided you have snacks packed too.

The coupons on-site at the restaurant will give you 10% off. Also, plan to eat at places where kids eat free! This will save you money as well on your total dining. Some great places are listed at these websites:



Search online as well for free coupons like buy one, get one free entrees by doing a google search for Orlando restaurant coupons. Cheesecake Factory has large portions and is reasonably priced for the family. If you are eating at a Disney Theme Park, you might be able to get away with sharing one entrée between two people.

The portion sizes are very large and often kid’s meals come with a snack that you can put in your bag and save for them, for later. Try to bring you own drinks at all times, like bottled juice and water. This will save a tremendous amount in restaurants. Buy a case of water from a local grocery store like Publix, or use reusable containers and just refill.

For Dinner, if you want to try something different, dinner shows can be quite affordable. They are a fun show along side of a dinner so you’re getting entertainment too. Here are a couple with special offers like 50% off. At just $24.95 per person visit http://www.alcapones.com/ for their coupon.

Visit http://www.greatorlandodiscounts.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=23_85 for the Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner coupons.

If you are staying at a vacation rental with a kitchen, make use of it as much as you can. This should be the go-to place for breakfast. Use cereal, fruit salads, pancakes, eggs etc.

Fill up on that before heading out for the day. Try to prepare and take your own snacks, stored in Ziploc bags. A little planning at the rental house will save you a lot of money in the end!


There are so many wonderful attractions here in Orlando. Obviously Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are obvious and come to mind. Apart from those, there are many others that are budget-friendly. The beach is always free. If you’re visiting anytime from spring to fall, the beach is a great place to head.

There are several local beaches like Cocoa Beach near Cape Canaveral. Also, St. Augustine (the Nation’s Oldest City) has a great beach and wonderful architecture, like the local shops, the University; it’s just a wonderful place to spend the day. The beaches there are one of my favorites.

Others include New Smyrna beach and Clearwater. Apart from towels, and a cooler of food and some sunscreen, you’re set for a day on the cheap.

Another great thing to do on your Orlando Vacation is to check the NASA site at http://www.nasa.gov/missions/highlights/schedule.html for a schedule of their shuttle and rocket launches. A recommended area to view these is Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral area. The park is clean, has great beach facilities, offers fast food, and has a wonderful view (the best in my opinion) of the launches, and the best part is it’s free!

The park itself has a $7 fee to park and use the facilities, but that very minimal considering some theme park parking is $15 alone! Enjoy a beach day and watch the launch! You can also head over to Kennedy Space Center any day of the week and check out space shuttles first hand. They have a variety of information and activities for kids.

Some fun things to do other than the usual theme parks are head to International Drive and spend the afternoon in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. If you have kids that enjoying skateboarding, they can head to Vans Skate Park which is indoors and they provide all of the equipment for a reasonable fee.

If you are looking for great shopping, Orlando has some nice malls like Mall of Millenia or Festival Bay Mall, but the best place for deals is to go to the Outlets. The three best are: Orlando Premium Outlets, Prime Outlets International, and Pointe Orlando.

For details visit: http://www.internationaldriveorlando.com/thingsToDo/shopping.asp

Visit Lego Land Imagination Center in Buena Vista where kids can not only view large Lego sculptures, but create their own as well. Check it out: http://stores.lego.com/en-us/Orlando/LandingPage.aspx

Orlando has many great golf courses as well. Because it gets so hot, you’ll want to book an early morning tee-time and wear plenty of sunscreen. Instead of listing them all, view this website for more info on public courses: http://www.1stopforgolf.com/golf-courses/usa/florida-golf-courses/orlando-golf-courses/index.htm

Many other ideas include heading to Lake Eola park downtown Orlando and taking a swan ride on the lake, visiting the downtown local shops, vintage and antique stores, and catching a game at the Citrus bowl. You can dine at Cerviche and see free live flamenco dancing Thurs-Sat at 10pm. You can also do a little mini putt at night or head to the Wet ‘n Wild Water Park to keep cool.

Here is one final budget-friendly website, appropriately named Orlando Attractions for any info you may want to peruse: http://www.orlandoattractions.com

Enjoy your Visit to Orlando on a budget this summer!

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Hotels in Lonavala

The Machan

Hotels in Lonavala - The Machan

Hotels in Lonavala – The Machan

The Machan appears to be the most popular among all the resorts and hotels Lonavala. With only 4 rooms on offer, it manages a very impressive turnover.

Minimal Carbon Footprint
The management claims that all their energy is sourced from solar and wind power. This is quite impressive, considering all rooms have running hot and cold water. For eco-conscious travellers concerned about their impact on the fragile environment, this news will make for a total guilt-free vacation!
Guided Nature Trails and Yoga
The establishment offers a guided nature trek in the surrounding forests, followed by a relaxing yoga session. Since there’s no wi fi on the property, a stay at the Machan means switching off and being in tune with nature in the truest sense of the word !
Other features
Customer review and Scores
It has a whopping 580 reviews on TripAdvisor, and an average score of 4.5 stars.
A standard concern is lack of wi fi or cell phone reception, but some people may be inclined to view that as a plus. However, the property is navigated by stairs, and the lack of wheelchair access for senior citizens might be a legitimate concern. But one good feature worthy of mention is that if you’re in a larger group, then the rooms can be combined into one accommodation for easier access. That way, you can feel like the whole property is yours!
Prices range from Rs. 9000 to Rs. 18,500. This is one of the most popular hotels in Lonavala and not without reason. If you don’t want to experiment with the accommodations, and would like a tried and tested place to stay, the Machan is your first choice.

Della Resorts & Villas

Hotels in Lonavala - Della Resorts & Villas

Hotels in Lonavala – Della Resorts & Villas

This appears to be a bustling resort with many activities on offer. The architecture and aesthetics is also a standout feature.

Extreme Adventure Park
The resort boasts one of the largest adventure parks which makes it a fun-filled place for a group of friends or families on holiday.
Romantic Tent Villas
Couples needn’t feel left out either, because this resort also has some tent villas which make it an ideal destination for couples to celebrate anniversaries and honeymoons. These tents have received excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.
Other features
A happening place, there are
  • 5 restaurants,
  • a bakery,
  • a pool,
  • a spa,
  • a night club
Customer Reviews and Scores
There are a total 518 reviews on TripAdvisor on last count, and the average score was 4 stars. A common complaint appears to be that all of the myriad activities on offer are paid-for services, with no complimentary activities. However, once paid for, they are all worth it. A special stand-out is the food in Cafe24, which is simply a must-try.
There’s so much to do at this resort! Unlike other hotels in Lonavala, it combines with the adventure park and the various places to eat and have fun, you might find yourself in no need to leave the property at all!

Picaddle Luxury Boutique Resort

Hotels in Lonavala - Picaddle Luxury Boutique Resort

Hotels in Lonavala – Picaddle Luxury Boutique Resort

If loneliness creeps up on you staying out of town, and you like the liveliness of being in the thick of things, then this resort is for you. It’s one of the most centrally located hotels in Lonavala.

Water park and Jacuzzi
The USP of this property seems to be a water park that has got excellent reviews from customers. The water is clean and there are many child-friendly activities.
Centrally located
The resort is located right alongside the bustling marketplace. The railway station is also very conveniently near by.
Other features
The standard amenities included
  • pool
  • restaurant
  •  bar
  •  gym
  •  spa
  •  free parking
  • free breakfast
  • free public wi fi
Customer reviews and scores
There are 217 reviews on TripAdvisor, and the average score is 4.5 stars. Some customers have mentioned that for the rooms and amenities, the prices appear to be on the higher side. But at the same time, each room is equipped with a sofa-cum-bed, at no extra cost, so that’s a definite saver.
For those looking for a getaway from the madness of the big city but still seeking to enjoy fun activities with the family and the charm of Lonavala town, this resort is ideal for you. Prices range from Rs. 6200 to Rs. 13,000. In all there are 65 rooms.

Kino Lakeside Chalet

Hotels in Lonavala - Kino Lakeside Chalet

Hotels in Lonavala – Kino Lakeside Chalet

This is a waterfront property, situated right at the foot of the beautiful Lake Pawna. It’s not situated in Lonavala per se, but at a small distance from the town. However, the drive is beautiful and once you see the property the distance won’t feel like a negative at all!
Waterfront resort
The best feature of this hotel is that it has stunning views of Lake Pawna. The best part is all the rooms face the lake! Every morning you can wake up to a steaming hot cup of tea in the balcony to watch the sun rise over the lake and experience the closest thing to paradise.
Large rooms with balconies
This property boasts all of four rooms so you will be guaranteed peace and quiet all your stay! All rooms are extremely spacious and child-friendly and very tastefully decorated. Ideal for large families among all the hotels in Lonavala.
Other features
The resort also comes with the standard hotel features
  • pool
  • bar
  • private garden
  • room service
  • free breakfast
  • sun deck with breathtaking views of the lake
  • LED TV in each room
  • availability of en-suite massages.
Customer Reviews and Scores
There are a total of 72 customer reviews on TripAdvisor, and their average score for this property is 5 stars out of a maximum 5.
Some customers have expressed concern over the unavailability of wi fi at the resort, but really, that might be a blessing in disguise. Cellphone recepton is supposed to be excellent, even this far out of town. Besides there’s plenty to do here that you won’t even have time for the Internet. You can go swimming in the lake, or even kayaking.
The price range is between Rs.12,000 to Rs. 38,000 depending on the season and the room. The staff are very friendly and helpful, the food is freshly prepared and delicious and cleanliness is of the highest order. You can’t go wrong with a decision to stay at Kino Lakeide Chalet in Lonavala.

Amanzi Boutique Resort

Hotels in Lonavala - Amanzi Boutique Resort

Hotels in Lonavala – Amanzi Boutique Resort

This is a new up and coming property a little off the road from Lonavala. It’s a luxury resort, and from the reviews, it’s living up to its name.

Waterfront property
This property sits right near the foot of the scenic Lake Pawna. All eight rooms have a private balcony with a view of the lake. If you need a vacation to sit back and relax and enjoy the views, then this is the place to be.
Infinity pool
While all hotels under review here have a swimming pool, this one is special because it’s an infinity pool. The views are spectacular, with the clear blue waters of Pawna in front of you, and the clear blue sky above you.
Other features
Customer Reviews and Scores
There are 18 reviews on TripAdvisor, but their average score is an impressive 4.5 stars.
The concerns voiced are understandable, such as the road up to the property is still unpaved and there’s no TV or wi fi in the hotel. The management reassures us that these things are being taken care of on an on-going basis.
There are only 8 rooms, making it a getaway haven. Being a new establishment, the staff is extremely enthusiastic and eager to please, and the service there has gotten raving reviews. Prices range from Rs. 10,600 to Rs. 22,300.

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A Guide to the Best Area to Stay in Barcelona

The first thing travelers in Spain do is to look for the best area to stay in Barcelona. This Spanish city is brimming with life, attracting visitors from all over the world.

When in the city, looking for the best accommodation is extremely important. It must be in a strategic area, close to the attractions of the city, so that sightseeing is more convenient. It must also be in a location near entertainment and dining establishments, such as restaurants and bars. Another essential factor when searching for the best area to stay in Barcelona is the price. It should not break the bank, but still offer you comfort and safety.

To help in looking for the best place to stay while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, here is a list of the different neighborhoods and what you can expect when staying there:

Las Ramblas

Best Area to Stay in Barcelona - La Rambla

This area is an iconic boulevard in Barcelona. The pedestrian walkway is so huge that tourists and locals flock to this place. This boulevard has a carnival-like vibe with its numerous street performers and buskers. Several flower stalls also offer the boulevard with a sweet smell and a nice combination of colors. Of course, you can find food stalls that offer sweet treats.

Good hotels in Las Ramblas include the Royal Hotel, Arc la Rambla, Le Meridien and the Nouvel Hotel.

El Barri Gotic

Best Area to Stay in Barcelona - El Barri Gotic

Best Area to Stay in Barcelona – El Barri Gotic

The name itself indicates the Gothic vibe of the area. This area is full of churches, including the towering La Catedral. Squares are also plenty in the area. Ancient Roman relics can be found in almost every corner of the El Barri Gotic.

This is where the old city is located. This spot is where the original Barcelona city was established. This area features ancient cobbled streets lined with magnificent classic architecture styles. Restaurants are top quality and the many cafes display a remarkable and inviting vibe.

This medieval barrio is in the heart of Barcelona. It is a tangle of alleyways paved with cobblestones. Visitors and locals alike can get sumptuous meals in several interesting restaurants and bars in the area.

One great restaurant to try is the Tast-Ller. It has a Certificate of Excellence because of its excellent service and sumptuous foods. The price is a bit high. For good, inexpensive food, try the Viana Barcelona. For good, inexpensive cocktails, head to The Box.

Tip: Make lunch as the main meal of the day to take advantage of most restaurants’ daytime offers. You can avail of good deals, such as a 2-3 course meals with wine for only 10-12 euros.

This is the best area to stay in Barcelona for people who love to be in a huge crowd. This is also perfect for those who love to spend time exploring the various nooks and crannies of the city.

Hotels in this area generally have 3-4 star ratings, such as Rialto Hotel, MontBlanc and H10 Montcada Hotel. There is one 5-star hotel, called the Meridien Hotel.

El Raval

This is a centrally located barrio, with a multi-cultural neighborhood. This barrio is bursting in character – from the many influences of the different cultures harmoniously thriving in El Raval.

This barrio also thrives in arts. It has numerous art shops and local galleries. However, this barrio has a reputation of being a seedy place. Pimps and junkies are known to lurk in the street corners. Visitors must be extra cautious when choosing to stay in El Raval.

The biggest attraction, which draws visitors to this barrio is the La Boqueria. This is a large covered market. It offers a stunning array of different fresh produce and classic tapas bars. This is the perfect place for those who are into arts, boho styles and vintage. At Carrer de la Riera Baixa, numerous shops that offer second-hand items and vintage stuff are present. Eccentric bars are the place to be in the evenings. Ernest Hemingway and Picasso are said to frequent bars in El Raval during their time.

Try the Ca L’Isidre for Catalan cooking with a French twist. Head to the Dos Palillos for traditional tapas with an Asian-inspired twist. If you are looking for a place to enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine, dine at the Romesco.

A few of the hotels that you can find nearby are the Apolo Tryp Barcelona, Principal Hotel, and Barcelona Universal Hotel.

L’ Eixample


This is the best area to stay in Barcelona for those who love to shop or appreciate exquisite architecture. This barrio holds the reputation of having the classiest hotels and shops. This is also the place to go to appreciate the Modernista architecture, which characterizes Barcelona.

The main shopping district is at the center of this barrio, at the Passeig de Gracia. Classy and cool specialty boutiques are found here, offering ritzy snacks, classy and chic clothing and cool furniture. The Cornelia & Co. is the place if you want to enjoy good food while also shopping for great unique finds to take home as souvenirs from the city or as unique gifts for a loved one back home.

When in the area, make a stop at the Xampany or the Cathedral of Cava. It has a great collection of bubbly stacked high in every corner. For tapas and excellent wine, check out the selection at the Casa 1.81.

When in the area, check out the Chicha Limona. This is a one-stop shop for a gastronomic adventure. It is a café, a vermut’s bar, a cocktail bar, a restaurant and a deli – all rolled into one quaint establishment.

Nightlife is diverse. It is limited to only a couple of streets. Carrer d’ Aribau has some retro and cocktail joints worth checking.

Hotels typically have 3-4 star ratings, such as Cristal Palace Hotel, Gallery Hotel, Astoria Hotel, Gran Havana Hotel and the HCC Regente.

El Born

This is another favorite tourist area. The neighborhood is small and intimate but very stylish. The dining scene is well celebrated, with new and exciting dishes at every turn. There are also several funky bars and clubs. Art and fashion found a home in this quaint little barrio.

This is the best area to stay in Barcelona for those who love arts and fashion. Visitors get treated to a wonderful mishmash of new and old. Beautiful and old churches mingle quite well with the wine bars and hip, modern clubs. This area is also near the beach, perfect for those who are planning a trip to the sands during their stay in this charming Spanish city.


This is a family-friendly barrio with the vibe of a small rural village. The streets are clean and scenic. Most of the activities in this area are held at the busy Placa de la Vila de Gracia and Placa del Sol. Here, visitors can have meals al fresco while watching people go by. They can also linger over delicious refreshing drinks even until the night falls.

The community is tight and small but trendy. It is also home to a large population of the elderly, making it an interesting sight for the young and hip living amicably with the old and traditional.

Restaurants within the area tend to be on the high-class, fine-dining side. However, there are a few traditional ones that serve delicious food at reasonable prices.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the clean, scenic streets of the barrio. They can visit the local market called Mercat de la Libertat and find something to grab for lunch.

This is the best area to stay in Barcelona for those who want to experience the local Barcelona life. This is the place for those who want to truly experience the life of locals, such as lazy afternoon conversations in the sunny parks and squares.

A good hotel to try is the 3-star Rubens Hotel.


Rooms in Barcelona - Barceloneta

This seaside town offers wide stretches of beachfront properties and a long boardwalk picturesquely lined with palm trees. There is a tropical balmy feel to this place, making it perfect for relaxation purposes. There is a bit of music in this area with a good array of bars and lively eateries. Chiringuitos or small beach bar shacks set up shop in the area during the summer.

For a traditional tavern feel, head to the Can Ramonet. For excellent craft beer, check out the offers of the Blacklab. For great food from 5AM to 5PM, check the menu at El Raco del Mariner. This restaurant surely knows the best way to serve fresh seafood. Locals and tourists will surely enjoy good food and good company in this cozy restaurants.

This place is perfect for those who love the beach. The sand, palms and sea offer a great respite from the busy city life. This area is popular among tourists, especially families who want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing tie, but do not want to be too far away from the city center.

Hotel accommodations in the area generally have 4- to 5-star ratings. Examples are the Arts Hotel, the Icaria Hotel and the H10 Barcelona Marina Hotel.

Barcelona Sants Neighborhood

This is not as scenic as the other areas. It is not like the many other barrios in Barcelona that tourists flock to. It is more of a residential area. This is the place to stay if you want to have an authentic experience of Barcelona living.

One of the perks of staying in this neighborhood is the easy access to different points of interest in Barcelona. Another is the cheaper accommodations. Travelers pay a lot less for rooms in Barcelona Sants compared to some of the busier, tourist favorites.

Hotels in this area include the Catalonia Hotel Barcelona Plaza, Expo Hotel and Acta CITY47 Hotel Barcelona.


Staying in this area gives ready access to the Port Olympic and Bogatell Beach areas. The Yellow line running through this district gives visitors easy access to the city center. The ride to the heart of the city center is just 10 minutes.

Hotels in the area usually receive 4-star and 5-star ratings. Examples are the Icaria Hotel, H10 Barcelona Marina and the Arts Hotel.


This is the biggest barrio in Barcelona. It takes up about 1/5 of the entire city. This charming barrio is located at the hillside regions of the city. Climbing on top of one of the mountains gives visitors a splendid view of the entire city. The Barcelona Olympic Stadium is only a short walk from this barrio.

Nearby hotels typically have 3 to 4 star ratings. Some of the available hotels are: Fira Palace Hotel, Catalonia Hotel Barcelona and B Hotel Barcelona. For cheaper stays, try the Enzo B & B Montjuic where room rates start at 21 euros.

This is the best area to stay in Barcelona for travelers who love outdoor activities. Hiking, spectacular views, dazzling green landscape and a rich history await.

In the summer, magic fountain shows are held at the Palau Nacional. This place is great for garden picnics and enjoying the marvelous sunset. Sometimes, open-air cinemas are held at the castle moat. Every August, the Festa Major de Sants is held in this place, with lots of mojitos, cubatas and dancing.

For dining, the Nectari is the best place to get good quality at a decent price. The Abrassame offers good food equaled only by the magnificent view from the terrace, where the dining area is situated.

Poble Sec

This is a residential area further down the hillside. Worth checking are the quirky bars including the favorite of both locals and tourists – the Tinta Rojo. The place has the atmosphere of a bar, but with the furnishings resembling a flea market. There is also the Gran Bodega Salto. This place is jam-packed with a mix of different eccentric décor. Live energetic music cheers up the place while customers enjoy pavement drinks.

Also, try the recently re born El Soltidor de la Filomena Pages. This establishment has more than 100 years of gastronomic history.

The typical tourist attractions are also few in this area. The upside to staying here is that accommodations are cheaper than most of the barrios in Barcelona. It is also only about 10 minutes from the city center. Rates for rooms in Barcelona’s Poble Sec fit well for those not interested in paying an arm and a leg for accommodation. This is the place for budget accommodations yet still conveniently accessible to the city center.

Les Corts

This is Barcelona’s prime financial district. It has many good restaurants and hotels. Expect that most of the better ones will be more expensive. Most of these don’t really cater to tourists. Some still offer decent meals at affordable prices.

A good place to check out is a shopping complex on Diagonal. Complex is called L’Illa. It houses a large supermarket, a number of good restaurants, numerous clothes shops and a small exhibition center.

Most hotels in this area can be quite expensive. Excellent service makes it worth it. A few good hotels nearby include Hotel Rey Juan Carlos, the Princess Sofia, Victoria Suites Hotel, Amister Hotel and Hotel Husa L’Illa Barcelona.

Placa Espanya

The Palau Nacional is the main attractive feature of this barrio. This is where you can find the Museum of Catalan Arts. This imposing structure rises beside Montjuic.

Hotel rooms in Barcelona’s Placa Espanya and nearby towns are typically cheaper than those found in prime tourist barrios like in the Gothic Quarter. One good hotel to check is the Villa Emilia. Rooms are soundproof in this warm and cozy hotel. There is also a good restaurant and bar in the hotel, where guests can relax and unwind while gazing at the stunning view of the city of Barcelona from the terrace.

General tips in finding the best area to stay in Barcelona

First time visitors to the charming city of Barcelona usually choose to stay in hotels as near to the city center as possible. The strategic location is important so that travelers can easily get around the city and center and reach the tourists attractions. The closest barrios to the city center will be the El Barri Gotic, Las Ramblas and Placa Catalunya. The downside of these areas is that they have more expensive rates for rooms and prices for restaurants.

For more budget-friendly accommodations and decently priced meals, head to the farther barrios such as Poble Sec and Montjuic. Do not worry about accessibility because the Yellow lie and the Metro run through these barrios. Travel time is generally 10 to 15 minutes, so it’s not that bad at all. Even the farthest barrio only takes about 30 minutes to get to the city center and the rest of the must-see places in the city of Barcelona.

To make it even more convenient to get around the city, choose a hotel, which is only a short walk away from a metro stop. This will provide easy access to the rest of the metro system. Getting around the city will even be much easier.

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The Best Area to Stay in Hong Kong

The best area to stay in Hong Kong would be an area that is fun, adventurous, yet safe and luxurious. Having gone in and around Hong Kong, and sampled most of its fare, hotels, and attractions, here are my recommended best places to stay in as well as the best 5 star hotels in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is divided into 18 districts, with each district grouped into 3 main areas: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Kowloon, and the New Territories.

Hong Kong Island comprises the following: Central and Western District, Eastern District, Southern District, and Wan Chai District.

Kowloon and New Kowloon comprises Kowloon City, Kwun Tong District, Sham Shui Po District, Yau Tsim Mong District, and Wong Tai Sin District.

New Territories comprises the following: Islands District, North District, Tai Po District, Kwai Tsing District, Sai Kung District, Tsuen Wan District, Tuen Mun District, Yuen Long District, and Sha Tin District.

Central and Western

Best Area to Stay in Hong Kong - Central & Western

Let’s start in the Central and Western District, where the heart and soul of Hong Kong is located. This is the central business district of Hong Kong, where the core urban area of the region can be found. Central District has been Hong Kong’s center of trade and commerce since the mid-19th century, when the British still ruled the region as one of its colonies.

Central and Western is where you’ll find the business people, tourists, and shoppers in general. This is where the high-rise skyscrapers are located, and is also where you will find Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the Hong Kong International Finance Centre (the financial capital of Hong Kong), Soho (entertainment zone), and Lan Kwai Fong (where you’ll find bars and clubs galore).

Hotels in Central

Conrad Hong Kong

Located at Pacific Place 88, Queensway, Admiralty, Conrad Hong Kong offers dramatic views of the harbor as well as a dedicated lounge to view the harbor while enjoying an all-day food and drink festival. It has an open air pool area and has more than 500 rooms. It offers one of the city’s finest champagne brunch – one which you don’t want to miss.

You need to book early for reservations, as rooms can get filled up pretty quickly. Room rates don’t cover meals, though (although breakfast might be included), so you’ll have to ask the concierge how the arrangement of your meals will go (or you can just eat out).

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Located right at the International Finance Centre, Four Seasons Hotel is the perfect hotel for business travelers doing business in the financial district of Hong Kong. It offers a majestic view of the harbor and of Victoria Peak through walls of glass. With 399 rooms, it boasts of a gorgeous infinity pool hanging above the harbor. Offering 24-hour business center service, Four Seasons Hotel provides timeless luxury, elite service, and great attention to detail. Being the only hotel in the world that can boast of having two Michelin 3-star rated restaurants, Four Season Hotel will sure sate your appetite and desire for fine dining.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Over 50 years operating and still going strong, Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the more famous 5 star hotels in Hong Kong. Located on 5 Connaught Road, there’s really not much to say about this hotel than what’s already been written about it. Spacious, luxurious, great service – these are the things that make a hotel’s reputation as flawless as Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. The hotel has both harbor and city views, and has 501 rooms ready for occupancy. There’s not much more to say about Mandarin except to tell you to try it out for yourself.

Causeway Bay

Best Area to Stay in Hong Kong - Causeway Bay

 Looking for the best area to stay in Hong Kong? Look no further. At Causeway Bay, you’ll find some of the best 5 star hotels in Hong Kong as well as the best places to shop. This is the shopping capital of Hong Kong, and this is where you’ll find a maze of malls full of shops, clothing, jewelry, gadgets, and a whole lot more!

At Causeway Bay, you’ll find Sogo, Times Square, World Trade Center, and Hysan Place. You’ll also find here the ever famous Victoria Park, the Hong Kong Central Library, and the tourist attraction Noonday Gun.

Hotels in Causeway Bay

The Excelsior

Located at 281 Gloucester Road, The Excelsior is one of the premiere hotels in Hong Kong. Adjacent to Victoria Park, the hotel offers splendid views of the bay. With a whopping 884 rooms available, you can be sure to get a room to stay in any time of the season. Room rates also include breakfasts, so you can be sure to strike that off your list of things to spend on while enjoying your stay in Hong Kong. With a tradition and name to live up to, The Excelsior doesn’t disappoint, mixing high style with elegant harbor living.

Regal Hong Kong Hotel

Regal Hong Kong Hotel is where luxury and elegance meet. Visitors are treated to a wide selection of gourmet choices as well as a multitude of entertainment options and amenities. A 5 star deluxe hotel, Regal Hong Kong boasts of an award-winning Cantonese restaurant, a first class wine of its own called Regal Wine and Regal Margaux, and 481 guestrooms all of which are appointed in European Baroque style, exquisitely furnished to the highest standards.

Lanson Place Hotel

Located at 133 Leighton Road, Lanson Place promotes a sense of calm for its guests. Rooms evince an exclusive apartment vibe, having kitchenettes and cleverly-designed living areas. There’s no hotel restaurant, but breakfast buffet and evening cocktails are served in the piano lounge. There’s not a lot of rooms here, just 194 rooms – but enough to house those who would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

So what if it’s not as “happening” as some other district? Crowne Plaza Hong Kong is still a business-oriented hotel aimed at the less premium end of the business sector. The hotel overlooks Happy Valley. Some of the places you can visit here include the rooftop bar Club@28, where it comes alive at night. Meals are not included in the room rates, so better plan on looking for other meal options.

Lantau Island

Hong Kong Disneyland

Lantau Island is where you’ll find the most visited tourist attraction in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Disneyland. You’ll also find here the Ngong Ping Plateau featuring the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha. If you’re up for a nature trek, then you’ve come to the right place. Half of Lantau consists of national parks including well-known marked trails such as the Lantau Trail. If you’re up for local fare, go to the quaint fishing town of Tai O, where you can sample salted fish and shrimp paste made by the locals.

Hotels in Lantau Island

Although not the center of business activity in Hong Kong, Lantau Island still boasts some of the best 5 star hotels in Hong Kong. There’s nowhere better to find the best area to stay in Hong Kong than here in Lantau Island, where comfort and luxury meet nature.

Novotel Hong Kong City Gate

Looking for a quiet, peaceful stay? Then you’ve come to the right place. Novotel Hong Kong City Gate is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of city life and closer to the beauty of nature. You can ask the concierge to organize one of the many dolphin sightseeing tours offered by the hotel from the nearby pier. For experienced trekkers, there’s a trail leading from the hotel to the Lantau hills. The hotel offers spectacular views of the sea, the hills, and the cable cars going to and from Ngong Ping Plateau.

Auberge Discovery Bay

Located at 88 Sienna Discovery Bay, Auberge Discovery Bay has a 27-hole golf course for the golf enthusiast in you, panoramic views of the sea, sunken bathtubs, and a sprawling pool. The hotel hosts a lot of weddings, thanks in large part to its striking glass chapel and horse-drawn carriage rides. There are a total of 325 rooms, more than enough to house a lot of wedding guests.

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

If the purpose of your trip is to visit Hong Kong Disneyland primarily, then Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is the best choice for you. It’s near the airport, Discovery Bay restaurants are just minutes away. There’s a Chef Mickey restaurant, a piano-shaped pool, and lots of other attractions targeted at the kids. Sure, the focus is on the kids, but the adults can have fun too, right? The hotel has a cocktail lounge with art-deco styling, and although guest rooms are small, they’re comfortable and just a bit right for a small family. The hotel has 601 rooms available, so there’s a lot of room for friends and families alike.

 Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui

 The museum district of Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is where you’ll find the Hong Kong Space Museum, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Science Museum, the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, and the Health Education Exhibition and Resource Centre.

Tourists may want to visit the Kowloon Canton Railway Clock Tower, one of the more famous landmarks in Hong Kong. Photography enthusiasts would also enjoy visiting the Avenue of Stars.

Hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui

Looking for the best hotels to stay in Hong Kong? Have no worries, Tsim Sha Tsui is the hotel capital of Hong Kong. It has the highest concentration of hotels in Hong Kong and includes well-known hotel chains such as The Peninsula, the Sheraton, Marco Polo Hotels, and Kowloon Shangri-La. Truly, Tsim Sha Tsui can be said to be the best area to stay in Hong Kong.

The Peninsula Hong Kong

Located in Salisbury Road, The Peninsula has 354 high-ceilinged rooms furnished with chic elegance, and tinged with old-world glamour. Well known for its fleet of Rolls-Royces painted green, The Peninsula never fails to bring the elite out the hotel industry. Guests will enjoy being pampered to the fullest as they stay at one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong. And if the Rolls-Royces aren’t enough, guests can request private helicopter tours and what the hotel calls “dimsum journeys.”

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotels and Towers

Located at Nathan Road, Sheraton Hotel can be quite hard to get to, being at the dense and congested southern end of Nathan Road. Be that as it may, Sheraton still provides one of the best experiences in hotel dining and relaxation. Offering panoramic views from the Sky Lounge and Oyster and Wine Bar at the top of the tower, the Sheraton won’t fail to lift your spirits up, especially once you’ve sipped champagne in a bubbling rooftop Jacuzzi. But don’t take my word for it, just try out one of its 782 rooms and see for yourself just how good this hotel can be, certainly enough to be considered as the best area to stay in Hong Kong.

Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel

This is the place to be during the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, and its acclaimed annual German Beerfest. Located at Harbour City, Canton Road, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel is near the shopping hub of the district. Even with over 600 rooms available, accommodations can still get quite full, especially during the said Bierfest and Rugby sporting event. It’s conveniently located near Star Ferry, so those planning to take some cruises may make Marco Polo Hotel their destination. Room rates may or may not include meals so it’s best to inquire with the concierge.

Kowloon Shangri-La

Located at 64 Mody Road Kowloon, Kowloon Shangri-La’s attraction lies in its crystal chandeliers, murals, and fountains that brings you back to the 70’s. Boasting spacious rooms that are decorated in warm colors and outfitted with rich wooden furniture, Kowloon Shangri-La gives you quiet luxury at a fraction of the cost of the much more expensive hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui. But don’t take this affordability as a slight. Kowloon Shangri-La gives every bit of the bang (and more) for your buck.

The staff is warm and hospitable, the hotel has excellent business facilities, and if you like your Chinese food, it has one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.

Wan Chai

Wan Chai Hong Kong

Although it has the reputation as the red light district of Hong Kong, Wan Chai has more to offer than its nightlife splendor. Much of Old Hong Kong can still be experienced in these parts. Wet markets, tiny furniture maker’s shops, and temples are just a few of the things you can find in old Wan Chai.

Of course it has all the traditional hot spots of red light districts – bars, clubs, strip joints, and gambling dens. But fear not, like all of Hong Kong, Wan Chai is relatively safe for travelers and tourists alike.

Hotels in Wan Chai

Although famous for its red light district, Wan Chai has much to offer in terms of hotel and tourist accommodations. 5 star hotels in Hong Kong aren’t as common here, though. But still, I can confidently say it is one of the best areas to stay in Hong Kong.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

The Hyatt name is well known in the hotel industry, and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong continues this long line of excellence and service. Located at 1 Harbour Road, it has direct access to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, making the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong a business-first hotel. But worry not, leisure travelers are still welcome at this place. With more than 500 elegant guest rooms, oversized square bathtubs, and mirror TVs, the Grand Hyatt Hotel offers its guests live jazz performances, sports facilities, a 400-meter jogging track, a driving range, tennis and squash courts, and a chance to eat at the always fully-booked Grand Hyatt Steakhouse. But don’t tarry too long in your decision to make a reservation, rooms are hard to come by and you may be regretting a second later too soon.

Renaissance Hong Kong Harbor View Hotel

As 5 star hotels in Hong Kong go, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbor View is the perfect middle ground for luxury and affordability. Like the Grand Hyatt, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbor View Hotel is located at 1 Harbour Road, and is thus located right at the heart of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre complex. Simple yet elegant, Renaissance provides guests with the usual amenities: an outdoor pool, a driving range, a jogging trail, children’s playground, and a lounge hosting a live jazz band.

And that ends our article on the best 5 star hotels in Hong Kong. Deciding which is the best area to stay in Hong Kong is quite subjective, so I’ll just leave it to you to experience for yourself.

Hong Kong is a small yet vibrant community. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your stay or vacation by booking at the best 5 star hotels in Hong Kong. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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How To Choose The Best Place To Stay In Singapore

Singapore is a tropical island and a major tourist destination in South East Asia. Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the city-state. There is a plethora of options available for sight-seeing and stay in Singapore which make it a global tourism hotspot. Considering all the options available, finding the best place to stay in Singapore is tough.

Whatever the kind of travel experience you want to have from Singapore, it is very essential to pay importance to the kind of accommodation you are looking at. Also, it is very convenient to have a lowdown of where to stay in Singapore with the mind-boggling options available. Every tourist to Singapore needs to answer a few important questions like

  • What is the holiday budget for accommodation?
  • Which is the most convenient place to stay?
  • What are the amenities like bed and breakfast or pickup and drop from MRTs and airports that are available?
  • What are the other deals that are available with the package?

The holiday budget can of course be decided only by you. The convenient place and area to stay also depends on the tourist attractions that are in your priority list. As for the best deals and amenities on offer, authentic online information can be availed of.

There are plenty of options available from cheap hostel rooms to decent midrange hotels that are more about location than quality and service apartments and luxury digs which spell comfort and convenience. There is no one size that fits all and choices that are suitable for most of your stay requirements are available.

  • Sentosa: The Sentosa island resort is an exciting place to visit and several hotel options are available in and near this island resort. It is a good option to look at if you have children and are willing to loosen your purse strings. The Sentosa island with a lot of attractions like marine world, Universal, Merlion and cable car ride is a good and convenient place to stay what with several hotel options that is a convenient base to luxury pads that exude contemporary elegance. However, the flipside is that getting to the “mainland” from your hotel in Sentosa and vice-versa for a short break from sightseeing can be a real bother unless one is willing to pay for cab rides.
  • Marina Bay: Hotels in this area spell luxury and big money. They include star hotels that reek extravagance and comfort. The infinity pool in Marina Bay Sands just cannot be missed.
  • Orchard Road: Premium hotel options are available in Orchard road shopping area. The stores have so many branches at other parts of the city, only the sheer class, boutique comfort and elegance that many hotels here offer give them a marginal edge over others.
  • Little India, Arab street, China town and Lavender street: These are the places to scout for a budget accommodation. Many places here are more convenient in terms of location and commute rather than comfort and opulence. Budget to boutique accommodations and hostels for flash packers are available in different price ranges and various amenities that they may provide. These areas offer a selection of guesthouses and a good number of upmarket and boutique hotels as well.

There are a few stay options available in the Colonial District and Boat Quay as well.

Choosing the right accommodation in a convenient locality will make exploring Singapore a comfortable and fun experience. Hence, it is best to choose a neighbourhood from where commuting is easy and alsoone that is suitable for your budget.

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